a classless fantasy RPG system

Embark! is a d20 based fantasy TTRPG ruleset. Players build and develop legendary characters through skill usage. The system contains rules for magic and supernatural abilities equally suitable for a wide range of fantastic settings, including a whimsical fairyland, a steampunk metropolis, a portal jumping western, or anything else in between.

Players can have characters with common or fully customizable ancestries, spells are scalable from mere parlor tricks to seemingly acts of gods, and characters advance gradually through skill usage.

The rules are brief and clear, yet widely encompassing while also granting freedoms for creativity. Distance and other aspects of the system are abstracted to encourage play solely within the theatre of the mind. Embark! is compatible with most OSR adventures and modules.


Grab you companions and prepare to Embark!

Currently available for free to download and playtest.


  • D20 based
  • Setting Agnostic
  • Classless
  • Levelless
  • Custom Ancestries
  • Scaleable Spells