Gravity Mission: Renaissance

a multimedia meditative journey

For Gravity Mission‘s fourth album, Renaissance, I created a series of impressionistic illustrations and animated them as a continuous journey. This provided meditative visuals for the full length of the album.

Renaissance‘s mission is to promote compassionate healing in alignment with psilocybin assisted therapy. The approach to mental healthcare is in alignment with the goals of the Oregon Psilocybin Society (OPS), PSI 2020, IP-34, and Measure 109 passed on the Oregon 2020 state ballot.

The intention of Renaissance is to support those who wish to move forward with psychedelic assisted therapy as a beneficial means for integrating clinically proven, lasting, and positive changes within their lives.

To learn more about the project and access the full animation, please visit Gravity Mission’s website.


  • Digital Illustrations
  • 2.5D Animation
  • Clip Studio Paint
  • Blender
  • After Effects